Why is the TWS headset hot? Three key elements for Bluetooth headset manufacturers to decrypt


According to Counterpoint’s forecast, global TWS headset shipments are expected to reach 230 million units in 2020, which will still double the growth in 2019. Aside from data analysis, many mobile phone manufacturers will simultaneously launch TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets when they release new phones recently and set them as standard accessories for purchasing mobile phones.

So it is not difficult to see that the next TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets will most likely become standard digital peripheral products for everyone, while traditional wired headsets will gradually withdraw from the market. However, having said so much, why can TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets have such a "preferential treatment" in just a few years?

TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset technology is becoming more and more mature.

Compared with the Bluetooth headsets that appeared a long time ago, the emergence of TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets can be said to overturn the previous wireless headset experience. On the one hand, TWS true wireless headsets can achieve true wireless stereo effects without relying on cables. This is far more convenient than Bluetooth headsets that require wires to connect to the speaker on the other side to achieve stereo effects.

On the other hand, TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets have inherent advantages in connection. First, the left and right channels can be used wirelessly and separately, or as two headsets. Second, the connection stability is high, the distance is long, the power consumption is low, and the experience is natural. It is more pleasing to users.

In addition, based on the chip technology update between the headset and mobile phones and other devices, TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets often have connection advantages, such as pop-up guidance when pairing with the mobile phone for the first time, and automatic power-on and connection during the second connection. Of course, these are all experience upgrades that revolve around TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets, which have become more mature and evolved.

Wireless electronic products is a trend

"Wireless" is an important turning point in the development of any product and technology. Take the network used every day, in the early days, it was basically connected through a network cable. It was not until the emergence of Wi-Fi that it slowly entered the era of wireless high-speed networks. Another example is wireless charging technology. As long as its charging efficiency is fast enough and the transmission distance is long enough, it will replace wired charging sooner or later.

The turning point of the headset is that after the integration of TWS technology, in addition to the advantages just mentioned, the more important thing is that the basic experience (sound quality, delay, etc.) of TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets can already be comparable to wired headsets, so you can Undoubtedly, the future of headsets must be true wireless Bluetooth headsets.

Consumers are no longer price-based

After taking into account the advantages of price and experience, TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets are easier to be accepted by consumers and become popular among the crowd faster. Back to the industry level, now the TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset is not only an accessory as simple as an accessory, it is more like an independent smart terminal, and it has the same room for development as a mobile phone.

The most important thing is that consumers' consumption concepts have changed. Price is no longer the only standard. The market for high-quality products is slowly growing. Consumers are not all at the level of 9.9 free shipping.

The comprehensive data analysis of bluetooth headset manufacturers has concluded that the above three points must be an important reason for the popularity of TWS headsets. TWS headset fire is inevitable, and it will become more and more popular.