Bluetooth headset manufacturers start the era of active noise reduction and welcome the next wave of TWS headsets


Since the launch of TWS headsets, TWS headsets have been widely popularized as Bluetooth headset manufacturers have solved experience problems such as battery life, wearing, and delay. Bluetooth headset manufacturers have begun to focus on the active noise reduction TWS headset field in consideration of product differentiation. In the second half of 2020, ANC noise reduction should be a key word repeatedly mentioned by various Bluetooth headset manufacturers and even Bluetooth headset wholesalers.

According to the control structure, active noise reduction technology can be divided into two mainstreams: feed-forward (FF/feed-forward) and double-feed (feedforward + feed-back, also known as hybrid active noise reduction Hybrid ANC). The principle is to detect the noise through the earphone, and then send out sound waves of opposite phase and equal intensity, so as to achieve the effect of canceling the noise.

TWS headphones want to be equipped with active noise reduction function, need the support of the chip. The TWS chip not only solved the problem of high latency of TWS headsets earlier in the industry, but also launched a variety of TWS noise reduction solutions based on current user needs.

TWS headsets have maintained a relatively high growth trend. According to Canalys' data report, TWS headset shipments in the first quarter of 2020 reached 43.8 million units, an annual growth of 86%. It is expected that TWS headset shipments in 2020 are expected to exceed 200 million. station. On the current mainstream e-commerce platform, the active noise reduction TWS headset products have achieved a low price of 200-300 yuan, which shows that the market competition is fierce, and bargaining is inevitable.

Industry insiders have pointed out that it is expected that in the next two years, TWS brand products and the entire market will enter a stage of reshuffling and reorganization. Traditional headset manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers will also have higher requirements for the performance, quality, and technology of TWS chips. Will promote the continuous improvement of the threshold of TWS. At the same time, how to integrate TWS headsets with electronic products such as mobile phones, TVs, tablets, and game consoles seamlessly into people's lives will also be an important development trend in the next stage.