Bluetooth headsets say in the Chinese market


The bluetooth headset manufacturers inquired about reports from the year before that: in many developed countries such as Europe and America, the market retention rate of bluetooth headsets is very high, while in China, bluetooth headsets are only sold in the market as accessories for high-end phones. In the past two years, especially after the new traffic regulations detonated the Bluetooth market in early 2013, the high, medium and low-end markets for Bluetooth headsets have been fully launched. This is not only due to the technological improvement of chip companies such as CSR and ISSC, but also the vigorous promotion of Bluetooth brands at home and abroad.

The market for Bluetooth headsets is now expanding. The timely introduction of mid-range Bluetooth chips by the chip company of Bluetooth headset manufacturers, and the reduction of costs after Bluetooth technology matures, have spurred the expansion of the Bluetooth product line. And China's "clustering" effect has also contributed to the simultaneous development of high, medium and low-end Bluetooth headsets in the Chinese Bluetooth market. Of course, there is no shortage of senior companies in the industry who have been committed to the research and development of Bluetooth products since the beginning of the application of Bluetooth technology.

Faced with so many choices, consumers can hardly not be dazzled. The sales and vigorous promotion of foreign brands in the country have recently declined. On the one hand, few consumers will choose high-priced Bluetooth headset products that have no habit of using them. On the other hand, foreign brands are beyond their reach in after-sales maintenance. However, domestic low-end Bluetooth headset products continue to emerge, but with their good quality and low price, they squeeze the consumer market. Bluetooth headset manufacturers believe that in the wandering of choosing high or low prices, foreign or domestic products, choosing the most practical is the kingly way. For example, when driving in a car, U&I's fully automatic smart Bluetooth headset is undoubtedly more suitable.

In addition, more and more people are aware of the harm of mobile phone radiation. The World Health Organization also designated mobile phones as "probably carcinogenic" items not long ago. The mobile phone generates a lot of radiation when communicating with the base station, and using a headset to talk can avoid a large part of radiation damage. Based on safety and health considerations, I believe that more consumers will be willing to choose Bluetooth headsets.